Ferriesmart is the best online store that offers a variety of unique African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Haitian and Asian cuisines and groceries at very affordable prices. We demand no delivery, service, or hidden fees. Our prices are the same as the store. Ferriesmart offers you shopping that won’t cost the earth.

We offer only African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Haitian and Asian recipes to give our customers a change from the everyday diet and recipes. We aim at offering the unique and uncommon.

We offer no other recipes for now.

We operate only in New Jersey for now. We are working on expanding rapidly.

We ensure to give our customers what they want, whether a store delivery or a doorstep delivery.

Ferriesmart’s grocery prices are the same prices, just as they are in the store. Our recipe prices are very cheap. We offer you shopping that won’t cost the earth.

Ferriesmart has employed delivery drivers who deliver the orders.

We work with time and ensure that we deliver your orders fast, in less than an hour.

Ferriesmart demands no delivery fees or extra charges

It’s pretty easy to place an order on Ferriesmart. Follow these quick steps:

1. First register to have an account with Ferriesmart, and receive a confirmation e-mail or SMS.
2. Select the item you want and click on, “Add to Cart”.
3. Click on “Confirm Order”, then type your address and press “Submit”.
4. Once your order has been confirmed, we will send an e-mail or SMS

Follow these easy steps to cancel an order:

1. Go to the “Orders” page.
2. Click on “Cancel Order”.

To confirm if your order has been cancelled, an E-mail/ SMS will be sent to you.

How are Payments Made on Ferriesmart?

Yes, Ferriesmart gives refunds. To ask for a refund, reply to your confirmation of order mail and request for a refund, including the items you ordered and why you are cancelling the order.

We offer Uncommon and unique recipes, specifically African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Haitian and Asian Cuisines, different from the everyday recipes other stores offer. Our prices are very affordable. Most stores that sell foreign food are quite expensive; we make it a duty to offer shopping that won’t cost the earth. Our groceries are just the same prices as in the store.

You can contact our customer service at support@ferriesmart.com.