About Us

“shopping that won’t cost the earth.”

Ferriesmart is the best online store that offers a variety of unique African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Haitian and Asian cuisines and groceries at very affordable prices. We demand no delivery, service, or hidden fees. Our prices are the same as the store.

Uncommon and Unique Recipes

We offer super saver great offers and store discounts for your grocery; Uncommon and unique recipes, specifically African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Haitian American and Asian Cuisines, different from everyday recipes.

Shopping that won’t cost the Earth

Our prices are very affordable. Most stores that sell foreign food are quite expensive; we make it a duty to offer shopping that won’t cost the earth. Our groceries are just the same prices as in the store.

Fast Delivery

You place and order, and in less than an hour, your order is delivered.

No Extra Charges

We demand no extra charges for delivery or retailers.

Customer Friendly

Our customers are our priority. We make extra effort in operating a customer friendly service.

Customer Feedback

We appreciate our customer feedback a lot.