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Partner With Ferriesmart

Drive incremental sales with delivery and pickup in our marketplace List your business on the Ferriesmart Marketplace to offer delivery and pickup to thousands of customers in your area.
Try it free for 30 days.

  • Connect with new local customers

    Grow your sales and become a favorite by getting in front of more people at the moment they are ready to buy. They come to us, we introduce them to you.

  • Boost your digital presence

    Let your digital storefront make the first impression. From great photos to organized menus, we offer the tools you need to create the look you want (Sponsored Listings, Table Reservations, Loyalty Points System, and many more.).

  • Innovative features catering to you

    We consistently stay ahead of the curve creating new ways to help bring business to you—like promotions/marketing that get you seen first by customers who are ready to make a purchase.


Reach Ferriesmart customers while fulfilling deliveries in-house. Self-Delivery lets you tap into the Ferriesmart customer base at a reduced commission while using your own delivery drivers. Try it free for 30 days.

  • Increase off-premise

    Increase your takeout sales and reach new customers in your area by listing your restaurant on the Ferriesmart platform.

  • Fully control the delivery process

    Fully control the delivery process — use your own drivers, choose a delivery radius, and set delivery fees..

  • Enjoy a reduced commission rate

    Access a lower commission rate for fulfilling deliveries in-house and collect the order value plus taxes, delivery fees, and tips.

  • Reach more customers with your own drivers

    Have your own delivery fleet? Reach Ferriesmart customers while fulfilling deliveries in-house. Enjoy a reduced commission rate and create more demand without changing your operations.

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